Our part (A kind of Preface)

It is our intention to provide the best framework for the best possible experience and we spare neither trouble nor expenses to make this happen. With the lessons learned we believe that this is an ongoing process.

This years changes lead to a multi-level setup. This means:

  • the core costs like the rent for the venue and administration are backed up by us, which means this will happen/be there, one way or the other. (Level 1)
  • the costs for the WLAN will be paid by the donations left after paying for Level 1 and are NOT backed up by us, which means if we don't get a full green "Sympathy meter", there is no WLAN (Level 2).
  • the costs for the recording and streaming of the sessions will be determined after Level 2 is paid. It was requested a few times and if we can make this happen, people can have a peep on the other sessions. And we can provide public videos of certain sessions on request.
  • providing refreshments during the day was one of the main request last year. Since providing this generally to all attendees would have forced us to give up one of the primary ingredient (being free of charge) we decided to leave it up to all attendees whether to pay for that or not.
  • the additional socialising events (Breakfast, Restaurant, BBQ, Sight-seeing) are free to attend and paid by each attendee itself.
  • according to some offers we will have a "Physical donation" which means some attendees will bring their hardware to e.g. have a FileMaker Server as well as Apple TVs for easier sharing.


Since this event is all about sharing and socialising the idea to hang out the afternoon/evening before felt on fruitful ground and was repeated due to the many requests.

Additionally a lot of people were asking to be able to fly in to Berlin in the morning without missing the opening. That's were the breakfast and the postponed start came in (well, and to be able to recover from the Beergarden for those already there).

The decision to have the longer "Show & Tell" on Day 1 was lead by the idea to provide a framework for later spontaneous meetups. The sessions on all days should be more in a moderation than presentation style.

Since the last day often draws the people back home, the Closing session is meant to recap the event, lookout to the next as well as to talk about other events the attendees organize or take part.

The Barbeque on the rooftop on Saturday afternoon is again a chance to socialize even more. Serving typical Thuringian food we intend to make this event even more memorable.

For people taking the chance and staying a bit longer, we organize varous sight seeings in Berlin to get out of the location (and business talking) and an even better impression of this beutyful city.


With this setup we believe even more people can take part in shaping the event and the outcome will be as community driven as possible.

And, last but not least, there are a few more features coming before the event. Check back!


What you should consider!

With all the framework provided we hope you feel fine to share your knowledge! Just sitting there being quiet is not what you can do best and what the others, sharing their knowledge, deserve.

There is no need to spend countless hours on a presentation or slides while you just can moderate a discussion about your topic. And don't be afraid of speaking in English!


Please remember: This is NOT a conference!

Be open, be generous, be there!


To get to know how to register have a look at the FAQ here.

Finally, we have some suggestions we kindly ask you to follow:

  • Bring your adapters for power adapters for Europe OR ask others to bring theirs (and maybe the ones they don't use) and swap the Europeans with the British and Americans.
  • Make sure your whole interface (OS as well as Applications) is in English! This will help other to understand what you're talking about ;o) To switch the Language we recommend to have a look here.





Platinum (400€)

  • Mentioning as Platinum Supporters on all Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".
  • The logo on any given opportunity.
  • A slot as room sponsor (subject to availability!)**.

Carbon (250€)

  • Mentioning as Carbon Supporters on selected Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".