Who can take part?

In general: it is open to everyone who:

  1. feels more than comfortable with FileMaker Development and
  2. is willing to share your thoughts, techniques, files etc.! (even jokes are accepted ;-)

But please bear in mind that attendees are highly skilled developers who meet and talk about all things FileMaker because they trust each other and don't have to start at the primordial soup.



How do I take part?

There are TWO STEPS to follow to take part.

  1. To participate in any way you have to register first and
  2. after you got the confirmation email you have to head over to Attendees and click "Attend"!

We made a short video to show how this works.



Whom else is taking part?

A full list of confirmed Attendees can be found here.



What if I'd like to take part but have nothing to tell?

If you have nothing to tell because you are not willing to tell: Then maybe that's not the right place for you!

Attendees are here because they SHARE and therefore get something back from the others. Not sharing is against the spirit of this event!


If you have nothing to tell because you feel frightening standing in front of a silent audience: Don't worry!

In opposite to a real conference, the sessions are steered by the "Moderator" who leads the discussion about the topic. You can moderate just by yourself or ask a pal to join you. You don't have to stand in front!



How much is taking part?

Attending dotfmp is and ever will be FREE. Period!

Nonetheless there are costs to cover and we believe that asking for a certain amount doesn't equally suit the financial potential of all of the attendees. Therefore we decided to set up the crowd funding scheme for the event related bills were you CAN participate in to show your sympathy for this event.

We also offer the possibility to have Coffee, Drinks and Snacks during all 3 days. But due to the hotels setup, this requires:

  • either a PREMIUM PARTNER (who pays for the whole refreshment bill)
  • or that each and every attendees is willing to pay 25EUR/day (75EUR/total) upfront.

ATTENTION!! If a single person decides not to take that offer, we have to cancel it for all!



How can I show my sympathy and support that event?

There are various ways to show your sympathy.

  1. The Official PREMIUM PARTNER
  4. The Sympathizer



A Premium Partner is willing to support this event in a substantial way. This could mean paying for:

  • the Event-WLAN,
  • the refreshments for all Attendees or
  • other social activities.

This spot is limited to ONE!

For more information just get in touch with us!



A Platinum Supporter chooses to strongly support this event with 400 EUR net.

Multiple backings are possible and the number of Platinum spots is not limited!



A Silver Supporter chooses to support this event with 250 EUR net.

Multiple backings are possible and the number of Silver spots is not limited!



A Sympathizer chooses to make any donation to this event.

Multiple backings are possible and the number of Sympathizer spots is not limited!


More details can be found here?.



Who else has supported that event so far?

A list of Partners, Supporters and Sympathizers can be found here.



How do I add my session?

Simply head over to the Schedule and follow the instructions there.

We've made a short video to show how to create a session.



How do I add a session proposal?

In the same way you add a session. Just look for a spot on the Schedule and enter it there.



What kind of session can I present/host?

There are various types of sessions.

  1. Core Sessions
  2. Moderated Sessions
  3. Presentation Sessions


Core Sessions
  • A session where it is recommended for all Attendees take part.
  • We are talking about topics of interest to all.
  • It is used as starting point to create other sessions or as a closing.


Moderated Sessions
  • This is the main type of all interaction between the attendees.
  • It is NOT a "standing in front of a silent audience"
  • This sessions are more a discussions between the attendees.
  • A moderator starts with a topic and manages the interaction.
  • He should be focused to get also the „silent ones“ into talking


Presentation Sessions
  • This is used for 3rd party presentation.
  • A speaker would like the audience to hear him/her out.
  • Tell the story!

Sessions already set can be found here.


Where should I do my session?

We have 4 rooms of different sizes in total available. While room 1 and 2 is mainly assembled into room 1, room 3 is separate but can also be added to room 1. Just room 4 is separate

Additionally, the brilliant rooftop is available on request!

It is totally up to you where you hold your sessions. Talking to other presenters may help you make a decision.



How long is each session slot?

Experience suggests that sessions are best held under an hour (single slot) for most formats. Leave time for questions: some sessions are all questions.

As this is an unconference, you are welcome to be creative with time or place, but bear in mind that whatever structure is in place exists to help things go as smoothly as possible.



What else do I have to consider?

Ultimately, dotfmp is what you, the attendees make it. So here are just a few thoughts to let you know what's possible, and what seemed to work last time.

There can be a blurry line between "presenting" and "attending", here are some tips for presenters:

  • "show", don't "tell"
  • Leave PowerPoint behind if possible
  • Invite people to ‘think’ about a problem with you
  • Avoid stuff you have previously done
  • Do it different!



Will the sessions be broadcasted?

Yes. We plan to stream the sessions so that attendees in one room can have a peep to what's going on elsewhere.

Since this stream is also recorded, we are able to create public videos on request. Just let us know!



How do I get help on my session?

dotfmp is an un-conference. That means, to the extent possible, this is a self-organizing effort. While the friendly folks on the Steering Committee are here to support you and provide gentle guidance, you (and your session guests) are ultimately responsible for the success of your own sessions.



Is there any special rate for the Hotel?

In short: No!

When the date was set and the contract signed it was not public that on 6 June the UEFA Champions League final take place in Berlin. Due to that event prices increased on all hotels and ours declined a discount!

Other than that, there are events on every weekend during the summer. Changing the date might just had moved the problem.



What if I have a question not answered here?

Just get in touch with us!?


Platinum (400€)

  • Mentioning as Platinum Supporters on all Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".
  • The logo on any given opportunity.
  • A slot as room sponsor (subject to availability!)**.

Carbon (250€)

  • Mentioning as Carbon Supporters on selected Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".