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Event setup

Technical setup

=========== The information channel ===========

This is the public place for all publicly available informations and the place to schedule or inform about a session!
Here you put your sessions in or upload files etc. It stays as all the years before.
We will post a public version of this text there too.

=========== The communication channel ===========
(Address available to registrants only)

To access that you have to be a registered attendee!
This channel is utilising Matrix, a federated communication protocol, with Riot being the frontend. It runs on our very own server and is the private place for all conversations. We want to bridge the physical and virtual world by having "Rooms" to meet in. Once you've logged in you'll see 6 rooms:
• The Main Hall: THE place to meet and discuss anything you like. This might be read by Non-Attendees.
• The Back Room: The place to meet and discuss more informal topics. This is strictly private to Attendees only!
• The Beer Garden: The place to hang out and talk about this and that. Meant to be the meeting place for Beer times.
• The Blue Pill: A room to chat in writing as supplement to a video conferencing session, taking place in the Blue Pill vc-room.
• The Red Pill: The same as the Blue Pill. And you can choose which Pill you want to take!
• The No Pill: The same as the Blue and the Red Pill but for those who don't like pills… or making decisions.
These rooms are the virtual equivalent of the known physical room(s). The link to the related vc-session will be found on top of each room. This also applies to the private streaming link!
The (imho) best app to access them can be found here: https://about.riot.im and this is the full list of available clients: https://matrix.org/clients/ (even for Nintendo 3DS).

The channels will stay open during the year and be used in the future!

=========== The video-conferencing channel ===========
(Address available to registrants only)

This is the private place for all video conferencing sessions. It is an external provider which offers the best Jitsi experience available. While there is enough power for an unlimited number of vc sessions Jitsi still has some hard limits. We will circumvent that by live-streaming the 3 channels via private YouTube links. All links will be available in the room description on top of the appropriate rooms.
But you can open as many vc-sessions as you want. Just name the vc-room and post it in "The Back room" or invite people directly.
One way or the other the first person entering a vc-room is the moderator!

Before attending a session mute yourself (in the app preferences) and only change that when you want to speak up (at any time, please!)!
We highly recommend to use a pimped Desktop-app during all sessions. This is optimised for Jitsi and offers easy re-entering of any rooms once you've been in there via auto-generated Bookmarks. AND it is required for the "jitsi://"-links to work. Once you fired it up it sets the OS-handlers to the app. Using normal browsers is possible though, except Firefox, but not recommended.

=========== The video-conferencing channels for secret affairs ===========
(Address available to registrants only)

Set up and hosted on our server during our research we had to face the limits of both but will keep them up for smaller groups. While now running in a VM they offer the most private way of communication. One is based on Jitsi and the other one based on BigBlueButton.

=========== The FileMaker Server 18 server ===========
(Address available to registrants only)

In case of someone wants a fmp12 to be hosted this can be served here. Please get in touch before as I might have to update my license.
It is intended to show how a Single sign-on to FileMaker using keycloak works! But pssst…

=========== The Single sign-on ===========
(Address available to registrants only)

Privacy is a very important topic for us and has the highest priority! Therefore and to better handle various services we set up a Single sign-on server. This will also allow you to easier register, if you ever want to come back to dotfmp.berlin. You don't need to interact with that address. We will handle that for you.

Session setup

=========== 13:45 - 14:00 SETUP TIMES ===========
This is the timeframe to set up your machine and log in to the rooms you want to join. We experienced some audio and video issues on client side in the past and want to make sure all get enough time to get their things straight.

=========== 14:00 - 18:00 SESSION TIMES ===========
Here the sessions start! There will be the speaker and (hopefully ;o) a moderator to handle the chat in the appropriate (riot) rooms.
Sessions should last 30 to 45 mins with a Q&A afterwards and a total time of 55 minutes max! Right afterwards we want to show some funny videos to freshen up your brain for about 5 minutes. Then the next sessions starts. The times and structure can change on need or on the fly.
In General: 1 hour = 1 session and 1 funny video. BUT you can always meet in an other room with others! There is always some room left for YOUR session!

Regarding videos: Even if you don't do a session please send us the YouTube-link of your most loved funny video (YT-links can be included in Jitsi directly).

=========== 19:00 - 21:00 BEER TIMES ===========
We all enjoyed the sunny evenings in the Beer Garden with plenty of off-topic discussions. This shall continue in a more virtual way in the "Beer Garden" room. Here everyone can join with audio and video on… and a beer on the table.


=========== FOR ATTENDEES ===========
It is essential that you block the session times and focus on the topics. dotfmp was and always is about you participating and sharing! I do know that it is completely different this year and hardly to compare. But PLEASE: Take the chance to get the most out of it! For you and for the others… okay, and for me! You value my effort the most by actively participating!

=========== FOR SPEAKERS ===========
While there is no formal requirement, neither at a physical event nor now, I highly recommend the following:

• PLEASE stand up during your session and put the camera on eye level! Speak to the others straight on and not top down! The latter always leaves a bad impression!
• Make sure your audio and video settings are working (you can always test upfront using meet.ffmuc.net). Having a fallback is definitely a plus!
• Have a discreet/subtle background! Even if you don't care others might not be that interested in your office… organization!
• You're not on a job interview but being nicely dressed and maybe having your glasses groomed will no only you give the best possible view and leaves a very positive impression!
• And last but not least: Think about how you can surprise your audience! Be creative, be unique, be YOU!