New session added! WebViewer code editing/debugging.. Bringing it all together!

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  • Gregor Beuster 3 months ago

    What I wanna do/talk about: Fiddling around with HTML, CSS, JSON, JS in a webviewer... debugging webviewer code... updating webviewer data without reloading ... sending data from webviewer back to FileMaker... etc.

    How I´d do that: I used the framework ( behind and and created a (free) tool in Filemaker called FMEditor. FMEditor (much like lets you create and debug interactive and properly styled html code within FileMaker. FMEditor will be freely available by the time of the talk!

    Why I´d like to show you that: We all (should) know how to store code in FileMaker fields (like HTML, CSS, JSON, Javascript,...) and use it to "construct" a webpage to be shown in a webviewer. But debugging of code directly stored in fields was something I have been missing for a long time. FMEditor let´s you do exactly that: writing and debugging code stored in FileMaker fields.

    Bonus topic: Updating webviewer content without reloading the webviewer using the "URL hash method" and loading data into the webviewer using a method called JSONP.

    Click here to see.

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