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How to sympathize and become a Supporter

  1. The shortest and easiest way to show your sympathy in any way is by selecting the right level when registering.
  2. Other than that, sending a note with your name and the sum you want to donate can be done at any time.
  3. In any way, we will issue an invoice and you can pay by Bank Transfer!
  4. While we prefer the aforementioned, you can also use the PayPal button below.
  5. Besides choosing one of the Supporter levels you can always show your Sympathy by donating any amount!
  6. There is no limit how often you can show your Sympathy! ;o)



  • The Flat-fee for the refreshments does NOT count against these donations. Depending on the decision all attendees make, we will issue an separate invoice for that (or not, if no one cares).
  • We will issue an invoice for any money received!
  • Since any number mentioned here is net of tax we have to add 19% VAT on top of any of the donations level EXCEPT you do not live in Germany AND have a VAT-ID (entered in your account data). Then we are able to handle this via Reverse charge.
  • As soon as your donation arrives you will be visible below as a Supporter in your choosen level.
  • The Sympathize meter (donations vs. costs) is visible to registered users only.


Platinum Supporters

First NameLast NameCompanyCity
SteveWinterMatatiro SolutionsHythe
DavidWikströmCamelCase dataHeidelberg
NiklasSwedenborgSquare Moon IndustriesMalmö
ZabdielScoonHowdale Magna LtdCOLCHESTER
RolandSchneiderTAO SOLUTIONSKöln
StefanPusch72solutions GmbHWien
NickLightbodyDeskspace Systems LimitedBurgess Hill
ThomasHessPROJEKT PRO GmbHAschau im Chiemgau
HolgerHerbstdigitalanswers gmbhRonnenberg
MichaelHenningsMikel Software & MultimediaprodukteOldenburg
DavidHamanndavidhamann media GmbHHamburg
SaschaGüntherGünther Business Solutions GmbHBurscheid
Egbert A.Friedrichherrfriedrich.comBerlin
ArminEgginger[x] cross solutionGermering
StephenDolenskiOcean West IncSan Diego
DanielBondardBBH ETUDESParis



Carbon Supporters

First NameLast NameCompanyCity
AndrésLópez PascualIndependentAlicante
MichaelHeiderMichael Heider GmbHBerlin
PaulJansenAPJ LtdEpsom
DannyDe VylderLesteriusGhent
UlfBengtssonAtatiki ABHägersten
JensTeichDJT OrgansationsberatungHamburg
André JustVedgrenZorDesign ApSKøbenhavn
AlanStirlingAlan Stirling Technology LtdLondon
RobertKaiserkaro productionsOberrohrbach
JavierDuráAfterdataPaterna (Valencia)
ChristianKnallInforma Dienstleistungs GesmbHWels


Additional information

With the experiences made and considering the spirit of this type of event there is no way to ask for a fixed fee to take part at all. But according to the majority of attendees from last year there should be a way to contribute in any way. This being a pan-European event and considering the varying financial power of the attendees from different countries lead to the decision to offer different levels of contribution.

The sum on the right is net of tax and is required to pay for:

  • the rent of the location,
  • the fee for the required WiFi and
  • the fees to create and handle the infrastructure (this website in its current state, the hosting etc.)

It does NOT contain:

  • ANY administration or handling fee, neither for the organizer nor its staff,
  • the costs to further develop this website and the infrastructure,
  • the costs for the benefits and
  • the costs for any gifts (if there are any ;o)


Just in case there will be more donations than the setup as described above requires, we will look for recording and streaming the sessions. Since this number is now know yet, we wait until we reach the break even before calculating these costs.

Other than that it will be used to further develop this website and the preparation of the next Unconference!
All costs are backed up by Egbert A. Friedrich, herrfriedrich.com which means the event will take place, one way or the other! ;o)

Platinum (400€)

  • Mentioning as Platinum Supporters on all Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".
  • The logo on any given opportunity.
  • A slot as room sponsor (subject to availability!)**.

Carbon (250€)

  • Mentioning as Carbon Supporters on selected Publications.
  • The "Developer Passport".