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  • Mrwatson-gbs 4 months ago

    Welcome everybody!

    I've set up this thread as the public discussion space for talking with the room moderators.

    The moderators can be seen at the top of the schedule, here is a helpful list (as of 2017-05-10) for reference:

    On day: 0/1/2/3 
    Room 1: -/mrwatson-gbs/jeroen.aarts/
    Room 2: -/ppuls/Stefan Pusch/ggt667
    Room 3: -/heidiporter/Alan Stirling/Peter_Wagemans
    1 More Room: -/Fabrice/Damian/Johan Hedman
    External: pixi/-/-/-/

    dotFMP belongs to you!

    Let's "make it great again!" ;-)

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