Filename Description Session Owner The slides which can be used for your session. The zip contains Templates for Keynote 5.3, 6.6 and 7.3 - Egbert A. Friedrich  

The event handbook for all things dotfmp.

- Egbert A. Friedrich A generic data set to provide the same source data/conditions to test. FMChallenge Egbert A. Friedrich  
d18_event_handbook_mobile.pdf The event handbook for all things dotfmp. Not as mobile friendly version. - Egbert A. Friedrich  
fmDevConVideos.fmp12 FileMaker DevCon 2016 & 2017 videos in one App. - Arnis Gross Log in to download Compare the speed of calculations and functions. - Jörg Köster  
Localization in FM - A journey to the best practice.pdf Overview of my session Localization in FileMaker - A journey to the best practice Jan Stieperaere Log in to download Example files I'll be using in the session Localization in FileMaker - A journey to the best practice Jan Stieperaere Log in to download
dotFMP_FM_and_Graph.pdf Slides in PDF FileMaker and Graph Databases Joris Aarts Log in to download Slides, urls and more FMSAC17 - A step forward or backward? Johan Hedman  
MovieDB_Graph.fmp12 FileMaker Front-End for Neo4j. Attention: you need to load the Neo4j movie dataset: FileMaker and Graph Databases Joris Aarts Log in to download
conf_dotfmp_2018.ipynb Notebook for this session. Most up-to-date file can always be found here: Introduction to python-fmrest. A Python wrapper around the FileMaker Data API David Hamann  
d18_twoDimensionalArrays.key Slides of the presentation Using structured variables: two-dimensional arrays Sylvain Parent Log in to download
AST LinkStore.fmp12 From my presentation, this is the LinkStore file - which can store and display URLs using a FileMaker Custom App (or later technology!) Use Web Pages as the basis for your next Presentation - All with the help of FileMaker. Alan Stirling Log in to download
CLob_as_a_truck.fmp12 Module for sending parameter. Free to use Using structured variables: two-dimensional arrays Sylvain Parent Log in to download Here are a FileMaker demo file for "2-layer SVG" for checkboxes. There are also the Sketch and SVG Files to look at it how it was built. Another Parade of Smaller Things Robert Kaiser  
Evolved Value Lists Slides and some of the example files. The slides contain links to all published example files. Value List Ecosystem Caleb Ruth  
DispatcherDashboard_v0.fmp12 The demo file.Free to use User : Admin Password : Admin Using structured variables: two-dimensional arrays Sylvain Parent Log in to download
MBS Filemaker Plugin en 2018.pdf MBS Plugin: what's new since last fall. What's new in MBS Plugin since last conference? Christian Schmitz  
MBS Goodies v2.pdf MBS Plugin Goodies: All the free additions to the FileMaker developer tools. MBS Plugin Goodies Christian Schmitz Demo file I used in my session. Mailjet API keys are needed to test, but they're free. ShipStation API seems to work for mock servers without API keys. Odd but cool. admin / dotfmp! FileMaker + JSON Michael Layne Log in to download
20180517 DataMigration dotfmp18.key Presentation on new development model and some thoughts about 'structural data' Migration Background (FMDMTool) Volker Krambrich Log in to download
TheMergeFieldApproach.fmp12 Importing from nmap and ECB another day at the office Gjermund Gusland Thorsen  
GraphQL-beyond-REST_dotfmp18.key A brief introduction to the topic and how it could be implemented used with FileMaker Server graphQL: what it is and how we can benefit Adam Augustin Log in to download
graphql-or-bust.pdf graphQL graphQL: what it is and how we can benefit Andries Heylen  
ftptail This perl script allows you to tail an FileMaker Server log over FTP. Just open the terminal and type: perl ftptail -s 5 -n 30 -f --password-file=pw.txt where the password is stored inside the pw.txt file, the file is tailed with a 5 second refresh and shows the last 30 lines. If you add " > access.log" you are piping the reult to a local log, effectively replicating the server log. Open this in a good text editor like BBEdit and you have a live updating and searchable log. PSOS management Egbert A. Friedrich  
DynamicColouredImage.fmp12 Demo file to create colours - dynamically! Colour + Creating dynamic coloured GIFs Russell Watson The demo file of my sessions with SVG and some Filemaker style tricks. Another Parade of Smaller Things Robert Kaiser  
Get_CardWindowCoordinates.txt This is my custom function shown in my session about GDPR. It is used to position a Card Window on the fly by just resizing an underlaying object in the Layout which opens the card window. - Egbert A. Friedrich  
hf_Datepicker.fmp12 This is just a quick Mockup of an idea I had when I had to enter dates far away from now without entering it manually or clicking on the FileMaker-Datepicker for too often. - Egbert A. Friedrich  
JSONFlare.fmp12 As promised, the final example file with Flare hierarchy graph embedded. I made a little following article with all the reference links and explanation on how it works. You can read it at: Using JSON data to create a Flare hierarchy graph Milan Mujovic  
TheParadeOfSmallerThings DFMPW.key Keynote presentation The Parade of Smaller Things Jeroen Aarts  
GeocodingWithNominatim.fmp12 Geocoding with Nominatim (OSM) demo file The Parade of Smaller Things Jeroen Aarts  
WebDirect HTTPS POST.fmp12 WebDirect HTTP POST login demo file. The Parade of Smaller Things Jeroen Aarts  
AST LinkStore 1v1.fmp12 First update to AST LinkStore file. Fixed a bug in the New Page Script - Sorry! - Alan Stirling Log in to download Sample file comparing various methods of creating JSON from large record sets. This is an older 16 compatible file which only exports 5 fields. The 17 compatible demo I showed was rather a mess as a result of incomplete changes to support 17 and the 10 field sample data. I'm more than happy to answer any questions or queries. This demo was originally produced as part of the FileMaker community discussion at FMChallenge Paul Jansen Log in to download
Ian_2018_dotFMP_machine_learning.pdf PDF version of my machine learning presentation. Original is PowerPoint - email if you'd like a copy. Who's worried about paper-clips? A discussion about the landscape of AI. Ian Jempson Log in to download
dNEXT_preview.pdf The slides as a short overview of what may happen. For more questions please get in touch! dNEXT - Are you ready for the next level? Egbert A. Friedrich  
CogBiasdotfmp.pdf Slides of the presentation Cognitive Biases in Requirements Gathering and Estimation Heidi Porter Log in to download
Clouddotfmp.pdf Slides for the presentation AWS and NGINX Load-Balancing of FM Server/FM Cloud: Failover, Performance, and Content-Routing Heidi Porter Log in to download

Below are the files from previous years. This a work in progress (yeah… we're really working…) and will be filled with the older files as time permits! The files from this year (on) will appear above automatically and can be downloaded IF the owner allows it.


How to build responsive websites with 100% vanilla FileMaker - without any plugins.
  developertoolset.jpeg (Nick Lightbody)

A summary of the developer toolset

  developertoolset.jpeg (Nick Lightbody)

A summary of the developer toolset

Using Structured Variables in an encapsulated FileMaker Solution
  CLOB.png (Sylvain Parent)

A simple CLOB

slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)

The slides used.. part1

customfunctions.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)

FileMaker Customs function

slides_part2.pdf (Sylvain Parent)

Slides from part2

  slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)


  demo.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)


  slides.pdf (Sylvain Parent)


  demo.fmp12 (Sylvain Parent)


Custom Sorting Value Lists with a Practically Unlimited Number of Values (David Wikström)

My demo file. Says it all.

The FileMaker Data API and OAuth
  dataapi.png (Jeroen Aarts)

Overview of all the calls required between your client application, FileMaker Server and the oAuth Authentication Server. (Jeroen Aarts)

My presentation (Keynote file)

Generic Files (Joerg Koester)

create ddr-report via MBS-Plugin (Egbert Friedrich)

This is the FileMaker Icon Replacement .fmp[x]Berlin 2017-Edition.

Preview and other edition can be found at (Egbert Friedrich)

This is the link to the plugin as well as the config-file to create icons ready to be used in FileMaker. (Alexandre VIAL)

This could be usefull to track modifications in your application by using DDR and XSLT v2 (need Saxon parser).

Window ID and Window-Specific Storage
  demo.fmp12 (David Wikström)

My demo file. Says it all.

Button Driven Programming: Make frequently used functions text driven
  examples.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

This is the file with examples of Button Driven Programming, version 3.3, edition .fmp 2017 Berlin.

  slides.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The slides used...

  example.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

An overview of variables used for Button Driven Programming.

EU GDPR - what does this mean from a FileMaker developer's perspective
  EU GDPR.pdf (Claus Lavendt)

The slides

Data visualisation with speedy scrolling (Peter Kraaijeveld)
  Example date picker
  slides.pdf (Peter Kraaijeveld)

Slides of presentation

Workshop Button Driven Programming
  workshop.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The variables...

  example.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

The example file...

  Handout.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The handout...

Web Usermanagement for Filemaker
  presentation.pdf (Philipp Puls)

The presentation as a pdf

Performance Testing the Client-Server Combo (short presentation and following discussion)
  presentation.pdf (Philipp Puls)

the presentation as a pdf

API’s : Why reinvent, when you can reuse
  presentation.pdf (Mark Mathews)

PDF of the presentation

Button Driven Programming: Short session
  example.fmp12 (Kaai Hanhart)

The file...

  Sheets.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The sheets...

  variables.pdf (Kaai Hanhart)

The variables...

PSOS: How unique are your values?
  UniqueValues.fmp12 (Bert Servaes)

Demo file to reproduce the unique validation bug on FMS.

User: Admin Pass: Admin

 - Host on fms, open file and press run

 - If just one record is created, delete  the record (requires some luck.)

Printing list layouts in WebDirect - just FMP ...
  slides.pdf (David Hamann)

The slides of my part...

Phoning Home (Chris Moyer)

Slide Deck

  goclient.fmp12 (Chris Moyer)

Bare-bones FileMaker Go client example. Examine the startup script. Will need to re-point the URL to your server address.

  example.fmp12 (Chris Moyer)

This is the file that the client checks in with via XML. Again, a bare bones example.

Synchronisation: Where are we now?
  presentation.pdf (Paul Jansen)

Pdf of session presentation.  

Demo file to follow....

Remind me if it does not appear in some days... (Paul Jansen)

Basic demo of using xml and the web publishing engine for sync transport.

Sorry it is not very pretty...

Please see the hosted test version for the latest version in containers in the first 2 records.


  cred.txt (Paul Jansen)

Credentials for demo

CRUUx – not CRUD
  presentation.pdf (Gjermund Thorsen)

Here is a version of my presentation on CRUD / CRUUx

  diagram.png (Chris Moyer)

Whiteboard diagram from session.

Discussion Proposal: Keeping up & Learning to learn
  slides.pdf (David Hamann)


ExecuteSQL revisited: Secret tricks and queries to schema
  presentation.pdf (André Just Vedgren)

The presentation inculding snippets of code

  example.fmp12 (André Just Vedgren)

FileMaker file provided "as is" with the ScriptMaker code for TableStatis and FindEmptyFields

  export.pdf (Gjermund Thorsen)

Here is the export of the examples I used in Firefox Developer Edition w/RESTED addon

Flexible value lists
  updated.fmp12 (Robert Samnegård)

More info and always updated file here:

Perform Script By Name - a game changer! - Proof of Concept (Russell Watson)

Presentation Perform Script By Name (orig keynote)

  icons.png (Russell Watson)


  presentation.pdf (Russell Watson)

Presentation Perform Script By Name (PDF)


PSOS (Crispin Hodges)
  A set of files for PSOS